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Verbatim transcription Services

Verbatim transcription can be performed only by professional companies, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and quality. Although there are many companies in the industry, providing varieties of transcription services, only very few of them offer verbatim transcription services.

We have trained and skilled transcriptionists who can quickly and precisely perform audio verbatim transcription services. Moreover, be it any domains, they are highly talented in using the terminologies in an appropriate manner according to the specific requirements of our clients.

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Since all our transcriptionists are native speakers, we also pride offering a verbatim transcript in good language.

Types of services

We provide varieties of verbatim transcription services which include verbatim court transcripts, legal verbatim transcription, verbatim business transcription, verbatim academic transcription and more.

The most highlighting feature of our services is our verbatim transcription rates. Although you find numbers of companies attracting customers with attractive rates, they in some ways compromise with quality.

But finest transcript is very particular about providing verbatim transcription with an uncompromised quality at the best low rates.

Moreover, as a supporting element, our 24/7 support further strengthens our quality of services. Thus we pride to exhibit ourselves as the competitive and leading transcriptionist company providing best services to our clients.

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  • We provide verbatim transcription to all domains
  • We provide the services with fast turnaround
  • We provide the transcription in all major languages
  • We provide free quotes and free trials for all new clients
  • We provide 24/7 support for all projects

Transcription FAQ

  • 1. How can you get services for transcribing verbatim audio?


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